24 September 2018

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Long Island Meditation at 2pm GMT:
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Weekly Ascension Meditation at 4pm GMT:
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Meditation for Maria at 4:30pm GMT:

18 September 2018

Daily Meditation for Typhoon Talim** and Hurricanes Jose** & Maria at 4:30pm GMT **sticky for now**

** Update: Talim and Jose are no longer threats

4:30 PM GMT
09:30 AM PDT in Los Angeles
10:30 AM MDT in Denver
11:30 AM in CDT in Chicago
5:30 PM BST in London
6:30 PM CEST in Paris
12:30 AM & 01:30 AM on the following day in Taipei and Tokyo, respectively.

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24 September 2017

Find Steady Ground Where and When You Can ~ Lee Harris and The Z's ~ 24 September 2017

Sienna Sunrise ~Dharmajon
For the full message from Lee and the Zs, please go here. The following is an excerpt:

I asked my guides, "What advice would you give for the OVERWHELM that hits us during these times?”. Here was the reply:
Find STEADY GROUND where and when you can.

Understand the need to do this regularly if you want to stay balanced and flow with these times.

Steady ground may be found in nature, peaceful places or healthy relationships. It may be in taking 5 minutes of silence to yourself regularly, if your situation is more limited where freedom of choice is concerned.

This is a time where you will be compelled to FIND STEADY GROUND and to disengage from situations or relationships where chaos or imbalance reign.

Emotions are running high on Earth which means that those of you with sensitive ears (emotional hearing) will find yourselves running out of energy/patience/grounding with greater regularity than before. Even if you feel clearer and more capable of loving relationships than ever, the intensity of emotion that many are purging can take a toll from time to time, or when experienced for long periods. Especially as many are unconscious of the level of emotion and energy they are running through their words and actions.

You are in a DEEP CHANGE PROCESS on Earth, where change is hitting you from all sides. This makes it feel as if everything is faster than ever.

SO this means that the challenges for maintaining your center are real. The center of the collective energy field is changing, so equally is your personal energy field. You have to re-find and rediscover the center of your personal energy field regularly. Try new things that you haven’t tried before, as much of the old won’t work any more. And more importantly, NEW DISCOVERIES is one of the benefits of this time, on personal and collective levels. This can look like new talents, abilities, passions, levels of relationship, becoming interested in areas of life you previously had no interest for. CHANGE IS HAPPENING and when you can embrace new change, it makes mourning or grieving for the past status quo less painful.

Assistance Request: Saturday Meditation for the Influx ~ Sandra Walter ~ 23 September 2017

The time for the meditation has passed, but I'm posting this anyway for the rest of the information that it contains. "....the end of stepping down frequencies and influxes...." ~ that seems to confirm what Corey Goode has said.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A beautiful Gateway weekend to all. This post contains a request I received this morning from our Higher Teams.

The term *Cosmic Trigger* refers to passages when cosmic factors are aligning to amplify our Ascension Process. As with any Gateway, it presents an opportunity for HUmanity to co-create with the cosmos. This Cosmic Trigger contains an alignment which many believe to be paradigm-shifting.

It is a great HUman Ascension lesson to learn to become a Creator Being. We have witnessed this with each Gateway; the blending of hearts to assist in co-creating the Ascension, rather than waiting for external factors.

Your participation is requested this weekend. The Galactics have suggested the end of stepping down the frequencies and influxes (Earth-facing quiet). Apparently there are enough Wayshowers who can rally their Tribes when needed. This is one of those moments, and so I pass on the message to CO-CREATE with the Universe at a much higher level this weekend.

Meditate with the Tribe on SATURDAY, September 23 at 11:11amPT. We unify for 33 minutes to maximize the cosmic factors. Collective intention to call forth the strongest consciousness-shifting light influx yet. The SUNspots are prepared, the grids are opened. Use your heart-intent on behalf of all and call this forth.

Update for Goldfish Report No.133

For those who haven't yet tuned in but are waiting for a possible transcript, good news ~ there will be one out in about a week, from what I can see on the youtube page.

Also, if you would like to get a small sense of what topics were discussed, I've added a short list at the bottom of my post for this interview, please access here.

23 September 2017

Meditation for Mexico on September 23 at 5pm GMT

Saturday, 23 September at 5pm GMT
10:00 AM PDT in Los Angeles
12:00 PM CDT in Mexico City
1:00 PM in EDT in New York
6:00 pm BST in London
7:00 pm CEST in Paris
Sunday, 24 September 2017
1:00 AM on Sunday in Taipei
2:00 AM on Sunday in Tokyo.

You can convert to local time here:

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Joint Cobra / Fulford / Kauilapele Interview by Goldfish Report ~ Cobra ~ 23 September 2017

I've already posted this interview, but I need to post this again, from Cobra.....if only for the image!

Cobra's post is on The Portal.

A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2017 Surf Report

It's the last week of September, I know, but this free version was just made avaible today.

Source: The NVisible


August's extremely powerful Total Solar Eclipse brought a powerful acceleration. Many of us experienced a powerful infusion of Pure True Love and Oneness, while at the same time encodings of the New Reality were activated that opened up a doorway into a vast New Realm which we never knew existed.

As the Sun and Moon aligned, the energies of AN intensified and we were expanded and reconfigured. The pins which long held us hooked into duality popped out, one after another, until we experienced a new sense of expanded wholeness. With this release came a deeper awakening.

After August's Eclipses, we really hoped that September was going to be a quiet month of much needed integration. Instead, many of us encountered a series of strong Red Lights in various sectors of our lives. These Red Lights brought us to a complete, and totally unexpected, standstill.

The Red Lights that we are experiencing are not hindrances. They are allowing us to thoroughly repattern ourselves and to reroute our lives onto the Truest Path possible. While we are being stopped by the Red Lights, we may feel that we are located somewhere in the Spaces-in-Between, which is neither HERE nor THERE. This makes us feel profoundly expanded and formless. We feel like a fish out of water, uncertain of where we are or how to breathe in this unfamiliar environment. Certain areas of our lives that we knew how to do well, may suddenly have disappeared. The things that we normally rely on now no longer work.

Some of us are being greatly tested and challenged. Just like the profusion of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires all over the world, we may be in the midst of a Mega PERFECT STORM. The Red Lights are not happening because we are doing anything "wrong". They are not a misfortune. It may often feel like we are traversing an endless obstacle course, but for some reason, it doesn't feel hopeless. It's just part of the massive RESET that we are experiencing. This is why we need to simply accept these Red Lights as actually being just what we need and offer no resistance..

Fortunately, not everyone is experiencing Red Lights at this time. There always need to be those who are holding the Beam for those going through challenges. Deep gratitude to those who are doing this much needed service!

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